US popriderzhat extraction Oil Company (USA cut production, but it does not hurt the economy)

Falling oil prices hit the American mining companies - they cut plans for the development of new fields for 2015. However, the US economy is still in the win - along with oil there cheaper fuel, and consumers save $ 70 billion, which could become a reserve for the growth of domestic demand. Only Russia unprofitable falling prices, experts say.

Oil continues to fall in price - Friday quotes December futures for Brent crude fell to $ 82.3 per barrel mark on WTI - up to $ 77.61 per barrel. From the beginning, they have collapsed by 26% and 22% respectively.

Russian President Vladimir Putin sees this not only economic, but also political reasons. “The political component in the price of oil is also always present. Moreover, in some moments of crisis there is a feeling that energy pricing is just dominates politics,” - Putin said in an interview with leading Chinese media on the eve of his visit to China. Previously, he did not rule out the existence of a conspiracy between the US and Saudi Arabia with regard to oil prices. “As for the conspiracy theory - plots are always possible. But they hurt beat in this case by the conspirators, if any”, - Putin said in October at a press conference in Milan after meeting with President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

According to the newspaper The Wall Street Journal, lower oil prices is forcing American mining companies to reduce field development plans for 2015, as do the exploration and development uneconomic.

Thus, in the budget for 2015. ConocoPhillips will be less than $ 16 billion (the amount allocated for 2014), which reduces the likelihood of the development of new wells in Niobrara shale in Colorado.

Development of the field Bakken, which should make North Dakota the “new Saudi Arabia” also falters.
Chief Economist VEB Klepach about prospects of the Russian economy
“National Welfare Fund to spend a whole”

The economy this year will grow by no more than 0.2% in 2015 will show zero growth, and may even go into minus, said in an interview, “the Newspaper” Chief … →

One of the leading companies developing the Bakken, Continental Resources, said it will not increase the number of drilling rigs in 2015. Pioneer Natural Resources announced that it would not increase the number of drilling rigs in Texas, as long as oil prices do not recover.

Falling prices for “black gold”, says WSJ, was a consequence of the policy of Saudi Arabia - this week announced the kingdom of lower prices for the supply of oil to the United States in December, and before that introduced discounts for Asia. “Saudi Arabia reduces prices in the fight for market share,” - the newspaper said, stressing that it is not just about competition with Iraq and Iran. “We struggle with Saudi Arabia for market share,” - said the head of Pioneer Scott Sheffield.

However, the United States may benefit from the fall in hydrocarbon prices ………

8 November 2014

Former US Senator: not in our interest to perpetuate the sanctions that harm Russia (Richard Lugar called “brake” bill providing extension of sanctions against Russia)
Germany: shame be a banana republic

By 2017, America will produce 10.9 million barrels a day, and it - 397 billion barrels per year.
• The number of working oil rigs in the United States decreased at a record pace »»»
American oil producers reduce the number of operating platforms for oil production amid falling world oil prices, said on Friday agency Bloomberg.
• Russia threatens new Obama plan (reduction of oil imports to the United States could bring down oil prices to 20 dollars per barrel) »»»
New Energy Initiative Barack Obama can cause a severe blow to export earnings in Russia, domestic economists predict.
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Currently, the oil market is dominated by panic, but many people forget that behind strong collapse of prices for black gold was soon followed by a powerful rebound.
• Oil. The fire erupted. Bet on the $ 1 trillion. »»»
Pockets of fire erupted around the world with unprecedented speed and intensity.

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