Fifty shades of black. On the characteristics and patterns of American “friendship of peoples”

… There is no better way to think about the nature of nationalism, racism, chauvinism, than walk in the evening Harlem or the South Bronx.

When the right Navigating in Moscow chanting some nonsense about “black”, really want to gather all this wrapped in Lacoste teenage crowd and unload somewhere on 155th and Lexington Avenue. Well, we decided to have the terminology. By the way, for the police in Harlem, for the US Immigration and Naturalization Service and Dmitry Demushkin, and, say, Tamerlan Tsarnaev - if they were suddenly arrested for document checks - are exactly the same face. Both would pass on the report as Caucasians, caucasians - representatives kavkazoidnoy race, according to the teachings of the founding fathers of anthropology different from other races whiteness of their skin.

In America, there is certainly no friendship between the peoples. This is not a melting pot, and a nuclear reactor requires constant cooling resources coming from outside. When resources run out, the reactor burst instantly, and post-Soviet civil war will seem childish cartoons. US - Viral Bank, which holds all the strains of the world’s ethnic conflict. On the surrounding streets live Arabs and Jews, Indians and Pakistanis, Japanese and Koreans. Broken by Neighborhood (districts) national communities is very difficult to assimilate.

Hold the “friendship of peoples” under wraps, bad or poor form of a new generation of emigrants American identity assisted by four things: money, entertainment, drugs / medicines and a powerful repressive machine. Run out of money - and the world will end in the streets will begin to look extreme. That is why for their current situation, their own dominant status of America will fight even with the entire planet at once, despite the loss. Aliens loss, of course. Rejection of the role of world leader for this country is much more terrifying prospect than the collapse of the USSR for the Soviet Union.


To be an internationalist in Harlem our man hard. In the evenings, to avoid traffic jams on the ring Manhattan, I often had to pass through its northern neighborhoods. The most contrasting picture in the memory - half-dressed white prostitute leaning against the cold wind to support the underground, in an area where a kilometer around a single white person. No one. Friendship of Peoples.

Generally, when you go for Harlem (it is primarily about Harlem above 115th Street, not that his “whitened” part that has undergone gentrification, and where they like to settle hipsters today), it is difficult to escape the thought that God still He was a champion of equality. Here wanders towards singing, dancing, talking to himself people. Sometimes this person can throw at you in a rage, but at the last moment recoil like skin remembering some horrible retribution for anyone raise a hand on white. Once the playground had to call the police to calm the two-meter black teenagers. Well, that went white patrol.

11 May 2015

Obama strange congratulated the Russians on the anniversary of the Victory
Especially for our Ukrainian-speaking readers - “Dictionnaire Halytska dіalektu” of Bandera from Omeriki. Moskal not read! “Glory To Ukraine!”

• Black teens beat a white for the fact that he listened to rap »»»
14-year-old resident of Palm Bay, Florida Joshua Lamb walked down
• The U.S. president described himself as "Negro" »»»
President Obama has participated in passing the country’s population and one of the answers to the questionnaire described himself as “Negro”.
• White children accounted for less than half of all births in the U.S. in 2011 »»»
White children accounted for less than half the total number of babies born in 2011 in the United States.
• In the 30 U.S. states have passed more than 100 student demonstrations »»»
The crowd: Money for jobs and training, rather than on war and occupation!
• Party games "Knock white" received from his victim's two bullets »»»
The guy who tried to play a game of "Knock white" in Lansing, Michigan chose the wrong victim and got two bullets.

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