Media: Apple has lost at the exchange shocks to the US $ 158 billion

WASHINGTON, Aug. 22. / Correspondent. Tass Shitov /. Apple has lost as a result of exchange shocks to the US $ 158 billion. Apple is still the most expensive company in the country, whose market capitalization is currently estimated at $ 618 billion, but previous predictions of speculators that it forces overcome the barrier of $ 1 trillion, were replaced fears over the possibility of further decline.

This writes the American national newspaper USA Todau analyzing the dramatic events of recent days on Wall Street caused by concerns about the Chinese economy. For only one working session on Friday, Apple shares fell $ 6.72 - to $ 106.02 apiece. More recently, in 2015, the price reached $ 134.5. Thus, the overall decline has exceeded 20%, while for professionals it is an unofficial market turning point - from “bull” to “bear,” ie, with the game to improve the game for a fall.
According to the publication, it is important for the professionals and the fact that the whole of the current year, Apple shares now find themselves in the red - 3.2% This means that the “erased” and reversed all their rise in price over the past few months, reaching 22%.

“The fate of Apple - much more than the story of one particular quote - indicates publication. - Shares of Apple - a reflection, if not the embodiment of the game to improve. This is one of the biggest assets of individual investors, many of whom are newcomers to the market … But those the same factors that have made Apple so important during the run of “bull”, making it a key target for action observation and with the collapse of the market. The collapse of the shares of Apple becomes truly nightmarish scale. ”
Causes of change in the sentiment edition sees glut in the market of smartphones available, many people have two or three copies, change the pricing policy of major US providers of telecommunications services like Verizon and Sprint, as well as “serious slowdown in the last major growth market for Apple - in China”.

22 August 2015

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67-year-old professor at Yale University, a Nobel laureate in economics this year.

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