In the US, detained offender attacked the police in imitation Rambo

In the US state of Pennsylvania detained one of the most dangerous criminals in the country, Eric Frain, who, according to the US authorities, organized the attack on the police shot one guard and wounded another order. Presumably, he tried to stage the movie “Rambo: First Blood”, “Interfax”.

More than a thousand law enforcement officers searched Frayn for about two months. The hunt for him was launched after September, he ambushed a custody order. As a result of a law enforcement officer was shot dead and another was seriously wounded. After that, the man disappeared into the woods.

The official representative of the state police Connie Divens told reporters: “I can confirm that we took Eric Frayn custody. Further information will be provided later.” So far we only know that when the arrest Frayn seized firearms.

Frayne was listed as compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the US list of the ten most dangerous criminals in the country, are in hiding. Finding men were complicated by the fact that he knows how to skillfully hide in the woods and possession of weapons.

Investigators found that the attack on the guards, he planned several years. His motives are unclear, but investigators did not rule out that he was trying to fake movie “Rambo: First Blood,” whose protagonist is also hiding from the police.

31 October 2014

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