US 2005 accidentally sent anthrax samples in the laboratory 51 three different countries (and possibly somewhere else)

The US Defense Department on Wednesday, June 3, published on its website a special report on samples of anthrax, which had previously been sent to the laboratory of the US and other countries. The paper reported that, since 2005, samples were sent to the laboratory for at least 51 17 US states and three other countries - South Korea, Australia and Canada. As a result, under medical supervision are more than 30 people who had contact with the spores.
Thus, the number of laboratories, where samples were sent to the deadly anthrax, more than was previously known, said the news agency Reuters. At the same time, the Pentagon did not rule out that the investigation will be known the new place of receipt of the samples. Meanwhile, the Office argued that sending samples containing active spores was not premeditated, and as a result no one was infected, and there was not any danger to the public.
In March 2014 anthrax samples were irradiated in a military lab in Utah to finally kill the causative agent of serious infection, reports AFP. The samples were sent for scientific purposes to other laboratories. In late May, a private lab in Maryland reported that one of the samples containing active spores.

4 June 2015

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