US does not want to create a no-fly zone because of the threat of confrontation with Russia (White House spokesman said that the attempt to establish a restricted area in the regions of Syria, where Russian planes fly, lead to conflict with Moscow)

The threat of direct confrontation with Russia is one of the reasons why the US is not currently considering options for a no-fly zone in Syria, said on Wednesday the White House spokesman Josh Ernest.

“Such zones - this is not something that we are considering today. Is it possible that this will be the subject of consideration, I’ll leave to your discretion,” - he said, when journalists asked him to comment on a recent statement by a leading US presidential candidate from the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton that such zones in Syria can not be created without the participation of Russia.

Supporters of the creation of such zones Ernest advised “to answer the fundamental question - where to do it?”. “Some, including our allies in Turkey, offer such no-fly zone along the Turkish border, especially in the north, and even in the north-eastern Syria. Others favor the creation of such a zone in the west of the country, where a collision (the troops of President Bashar) al-Assad and the opposition “- said Ernest.

“The answer to the question of how you are going to create these zones is important especially because if you do it near Damascus, near Idlib, for example, it is fraught with direct confrontation with Russia, because there a small conflict, if you try to install the exclusion zone there, is now flying Russian aircraft, “- said a spokesman for the White House.

Along with this, Ernest stressed that the move “requires significant resources,” in particular, “a large number of aircraft and military personnel, which will be for them to fly, technical personnel, search and rescue teams to be ready for emergencies.”

In addition, he said, “the US Defense Department earlier warned about the presence of advanced defense systems to Syria.” “Therefore, the establishment in this country no-fly zones are more likely will mean that you will be faced with such systems” - said Ernest.

Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier appealed to the Federation Council for permission to use the Russian armed forces abroad. Federation Council approved this request. Russian Defense Ministry reported that Russian aircraft videoconferencing started to air operations with pinpoint strikes on terrorists from the “Islamic State” in Syria. Russia intends to only use aircraft, acting at the request of the Syrian President Bashar Assad, leading the fight against the terrorists of the “Islamic State”, said on Wednesday the head of the Kremlin administration, Sergei Ivanov.

8 October 2015

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