According to U.S. intelligence Russian harvesters during the harvesting campaign shoot “hail” the positions of Ukrainian troops

And we see in the picture of a pole. Point two. And so normally see the mast and crossbar - also see. Good shot, detailed.

And in this area, according to amyrykancheskih rozvidchikov which their powerful telescopes can rozvidet something there, if sober up - there was a whole battery of grads. And shoot.

Let’s take a look at the latest image. Mentally transfer the bus on the land, deploy across the landmark (so are “Grady” on U.S. classified material) and count up how much space it takes. And he go two (repeat - two!) Strips. Well, just because the coach along more than across. And remember this.

And back to the photo Payette where seven (!) Grads stand and shoot at the miserable Ukraine. It is in the lower right corner of his pictures.

The first - “Castle” in Payette somehow placed across one strip. That there is a bus (and judging by the proportions - bus) takes two strips, and “Grad” - only one. Look and make sure. Hail this year not a freak, I see global warming is to blame, the development of oil shale deposits in the United States. Further, pretends dimensions Ever “Blast Marks from MRL fire”. How many bands they occupy? They extend no more than seven strips. That is, here we took three buses (more taxis) and another passenger trailer to them bailiffs. This - dust tails of the rocket launch.

Do not you think that the missiles this year also some neurodivshiesya?

The Internet is full of videos, which shoot “Grady”. They often shoot in the desert, where there is sod and topsoil covered with grass. Still, a cloud of dust rises - so good twenty meters thirty-around in calm weather.

And here - arable land!

If plowed land, if it is dry, but stomp on it, and even a breeze blowing - so your dust will fly five meters, while you will not lose sight of. This foot stomped you. A shooting cassette “Grad”? Well, that did not seem to me these “Blast Marks from MRL fire”. They stubby. Perhaps this season dust tails also not ugly.

And I began to look at the firing position Payette name more closely. And discovered a strange thing. Not only Grads, dust tails and rocket this year not ugly, but they are placed in a strange way. Stopudovo - Russian inoplanetyantsy advised exactly “Grady” and place. Please note - a group of five left “Grad” is located - on five adjacent strips! Well, how is it possible that this is for mysticism?

That is, no matter what there - pashhota or harvest. Each strip - BDY, and each balk iron, his mother, a horse - at least pulls his iron motlok. Naturally, in this raises dust. And the breeze from the east this dust refers to the side …

28 July 2014

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