Residents of St. Louis: President Obama’s choice not solved the problem of racism

In the city of St. Louis ended a farewell for the dead teenager Michael Brown. Locals believe that even the election of Barack Obama’s head of state did not bring significant changes in the issue of racial discrimination
The murder of black teenager in an American city police Ferguson revealed that the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States decided not racial problems in the country, according to the visitor’s funeral teenager in St. Louis.

“We thought that Barack Obama - a hope for change. With its failure, God showed us that more than one person to make a difference - it takes years and every one of us”, - told RIA Novosti local Zakia Mahasin (Zakiyyah Mahasin) after the funeral ceremony for the dead teenager Michael Brown.

Mahasin told that due to what has happened in St. Louis protesters “heard all over the world,” and they have a chance to “change everything - from police brutality to corruption.”

The murder happened in Michael Brown Ferguson (a suburb of St. Louis) on 9 August. According to preliminary reports, the officer Darren Wilson six times shot an unarmed young man, however, reliable information about what caused the incident, there is still no.

Inconsistency of incoming information and the inability of the police to provide answers to arising in connection with the death of a teenage issues led to the peaceful protests that grieving friends and relatives of Brown turned multi-day standoff with the police. Because of the riots broke out in Ferguson introduced the National Guard, the police used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd.

26 August 2014

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