US billions in defense contracts concluded with Israel and Saudi Arabia

Against the background of intervention in Yemen, Saudi Arabia plans to buy the US arms worth nearly two billion dollars. The products of the American military-industrial complex is also in demand in Israel, which is likely to replenish its reserves after the operation in the Gaza Strip in 2014. This military build-up leads to a significant increase in the number of casualties in modern conflicts. The details - RT correspondent Neil Harvey.

According to a British human rights organization, “Islamic state” has taken control of half the territory of Syria. Recently, militants seized the city of Palmyra, UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are fears that the ancient city will be destroyed.
According to some reports, the jihadists control an area of ​​more than one hundred thousand square kilometers. We know that at the disposal of the militants turned American-made weapons, abandoned by government forces. Neil Harvey tells how Washington is going once again to supply weapons to the volatile Middle East.
US defense industry is booming. One of the main customers of the American military-industrial complex - Israel.
The US State Department approved the transaction volume of about $ 2 billion for the sale to Israel of hundreds of concrete-piercing bombs, rockets, Hellfire, rockets of “air-to-air”, as well as several thousand controlled bombs. In addition, Israel will receive the radio command systems that allow rockets to equip navigation GPS.
Why is there such a need? Office of Military Cooperation US Defense Department claims that some of the weapons Israel has already acquired earlier. This probably means that Israel needs to replenish its arsenal after the military operation conducted in the summer of 2014 in the Gaza Strip.
But it is not only Israel buys weapons from the United States. Saudi Arabia after the bombing in Yemen, too, goes to great expense. The country completes its aviation ten American helicopters Seahawk. Also in the shopping list included radio command systems and missile Hellfire. The total cost of the arms will be almost $ 2 billion.
Israel and Saudi Arabia - are not the only countries in the Middle East, who have decided to invest in defense. In 2014, Qatar had planned to purchase from US helicopters Apache, as well as anti-aircraft missiles and Patriot Javelin totaling $ 11 billion.
Complex “Patriot” in demand in Europe, Poland is negotiating the purchase of their systems to protect against a possible threat from Russia. The contract value could reach several billion dollars.
It should be noted that with the development of technology in the military sphere is increasing and the number of victims: the average number of people killed in armed conflict today is 3 times higher than seven years ago.

23 May 2015

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