German politicians - US Secretary of Defense: “Went tries **” (Oskar Lafontaine - heavyweight German politics. And if it is expressed so strongly, then ripens something serious)

Since the 1970s, Lafontaine was one of the leading German politicians. He is four years, led by the Social Democratic Party of Germany in 1990 was a candidate for the post of chancellor. He worked as the Minister of Finance; in the 2000s, he served as chairman of the Party of the Left. He is married to Sarah Wagenknecht, which is the current co-chairman of the Party of the Left.

So when he recently “rode” on Ash Carter, the Minister of Defense, and Victoria Nuland, this did not go nezamechennym.Nizhe translation into Russian of his record:

“Minister of” Defense “US and in other words, the Minister of War, in Berlin. He urged Europe to resist the Russian” aggression. “In actual fact, Europe needs to resist US aggression.

“Grandmaster American diplomat George Kennan described NATO’s eastward expansion the biggest mistake of US foreign policy since the Second World War, because it was the way to a new” cold war “.

The American diplomat Victoria Nuland said that we spent 5 billion. Dollars. To destabilize Ukraine. They are even more incensed fire, and Europe has to pay the price reduction of trade and loss of jobs.

Nuland says, “Nah EU.”

We need a policy that will stop the American imperialism, kindling war.

“Nah, US imperialism!” But the original:

24 August 2015

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