Letter from Nikolaev: The preparation for the placement of US missiles in southern Ukraine

To the Editor “PolitNavigatora” received a letter from the Mykolaiv region, which lists the indications that the US may attempt to place missiles of medium and long-range in the south of present-day Ukraine.

These, as the authors of material collected by citizens of Ukraine, “who are friends of the Russian people, even in this difficult time” - presumably, that we are talking about people who are close to power structures.

However, the authors were unable to comply with the request to confirm the accuracy of the wording of documents - for example, to send a link which posted vacancy for American specialists from Ukraine, referring to the fact that the vacancy is published on the intranet site, which can be accessed only specialized experts.

Nevertheless, given the importance of the topic, “PolitNavigator” resulting material completely:

Let’s start from the beginning.

The US Missile Defense Agency submits to the Department of Defense, and manages, as the name implies, the development and formulation of adopted anti-missile assets.

The main contractor of the agency is the defense giant “Raytheon”, designed the SAM “Patriot”, as well as a number of technologies in the aerospace industry.

“Raytheon” - this is the first thread. This company and lighted the project, placing at the project site in the domestic job to search for the main design engineer in Ukraine.

Its tasks should include the development of a project in the Mykolaiv region, subordinate to 10 engineers. Plus, from the United States is expected to arrive the project team.

Why the need for a US military staff of the corporation, which produces missiles in Ukraine, right next door at the Russian Federation?

In the Mykolaiv region of US missile may be interested in only one object - this is the old silos in the two areas of the Mykolaiv region (Krivoozerskogo and Pervomaisky)!

The second thread was a document of Ukrainian tax administration, which gave me a patriotic power in this department.

This is an excerpt of the informational materials that were sent to the Department Nicholas tax September 1 this year.

The figures are already well known to us, “Raytheon”, more precisely, their international fund, which acts contractor on several projects that have already started or are about to begin ………

9 September 2015

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• Thousand sponsors supported the project of the American search of traces on the moon »»»
Thousand initiated by Russian sponsors support the enthusiasts microsatellite project development to continue taking American astronauts on the moon - has already collected more than 1.
• According to Wikileaks, a U.S. missile defense is not able to intercept Russian missiles »»»
Missile defense, which the U.S. until 2009 tried to deploy in Poland and the Czech Republic would not be able to intercept Russian strategic missiles - referred to in documents made public on Friday.
• U.S. missile defense system in tests hit medium-range ballistic missile »»»
The U.S. military welcomed Having reported on the successful completion of “the most complex in history” test of missile defense.
• India is studying a proposal to join the NATO missile defense program »»»
India is studying the proposal made in the first week of September to join the missile defense program (NMD), North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).
• Test head scout ship project 18280 "Ivan Khurs" intended to monitor the US missile defense system will begin in 2016 »»»
The new ship project 18280 "Ivan Khurs" will deal with communications.

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