New York City police have arrested more than 100 peaceful protesters against Wall Street

In the area of ​​Wall Street to protest against the environmental pollution left more than 3 thousand. Man who blocked several roads in Manhattan, accusing the major American entrepreneurs in global environmental issues.

As the portal PzFeed, police had to use pepper spray cans with to appease some protesters. The clashes, some protesters were planted in police buses. At the moment, the action comes to an end, RIA “Novosti”.

Participants of the action previously blocked the street of Wall Street and Broadway, considering that financial institutions located there, sponsoring companies and companies whose activities lead to climate change. Later, the police were able to unlock the streets and restore them traffic.

“We can not continue to tolerate the climate warming, it is necessary to close the Wall Street” - shouted they, ITAR-TASS reported.

On this street is the New York Stock Exchange.

During the demonstration, participants have inflated two huge globe, symbolizing the carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere of the planet is increasing in recent decades. This is presumably one of the causes of global warming. The police released the balls of air, piercing them.

One of the protesters - Buckeye Ben Shapiro - said that he arrived in New York to protest against shale gas by fracturing subterranean formations.

“I came specifically to disrupt Wall Street because this is where all funded,” - he said.

“The action against Wall Street is designed to make it clear that, in our opinion, corporations and capitalism no longer serve the people,” - said 60-year-old member of the Los Angeles protests Kai Sanbern.

23 September 2014

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