Psak called Russian wonderful country

US State Department spokesman Jen Psak admitted to be sympathetic to the Russian culture and love for Leo Tolstoy’s novel “Anna Karenina”, expressing concerns that it works against the “propaganda machine.”

Speaking at a briefing for foreign journalists in Washington, she said that “Russia - a wonderful country, wonderful people out there with a great culture and history.” Psak also noted that “Anna Karenina” - one of her favorite books, reports RIA “Novosti”

“Just a year and a half ago, we had a lovely trip to Moscow” - added Psak, recalling that accompanied during the visit of his boss - US Secretary of State John Kerry, reports Tass.

“Now we, the United States and Russia, there are disagreements over Ukraine - continued Psak. - (But) we are working together on a number of other issues. It was in these days we are working on the negotiations of the” five plus one “( Iran’s nuclear program). The strength of the relationship is expressed sometimes in the ability to discuss not only what we agree, but what disagree. ”

“Overall, I am well aware that the attacks on me by the propaganda apparatus intensified when the situation on the ground in Ukraine difficult - said further Psak. - I look at news stories, look back at history and realize it. I am aware that represents the government of the United States, reflecting our position and our point of view. ”

Psak known in Russia for its statements. In particular, she confused Iraq with Iran, gas oil, and is located in the mountain resort of Rostov region. In connection with this Psak was a real internet meme in Russia: about her compose humorous anecdotes and write songs. According Psak itself, its dubious popularity in Russia is connected with the fact that she - a woman. “They talk about what I wore, what color my costumes,” - she said.

In June Psak accused the Russian media of sexism and distributing “the rumors that she was fired from the State Department.” And also said that was the “victim of the Russian propaganda machine.”

13 November 2014

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