Media: Pentagon asking for $ 5 billion to counter Russia’s “killer satellites”

Minister for the US Air Force Deborah Lee James said that in the United States began preparations for a potential military conflict in space. According to The Business Insider, the agency asks that in the budget of an additional $ 5 billion to build protect US satellites from a possible attack by Russia and China.

The hypothetical conflict between Russia and China with the United States led the US Air Force requested $ 5 billion for the development and implementation of offensive and defensive systems to protect space satellites. This writes The Business Insider.
“We must understand that the sky above our heads will not always be a peaceful oasis” - said James on Space Symposium in Colorado. According to her, space systems were among the first encounter with the “demonstration of the superiority of the enemy”, which also has some potential, so it is necessary “to have a new mindset when it comes to space.”
Among the main contenders in the US “space race” in Washington, called Russia and China, and warned that the threat may be in violation of the GPS and satellite communications, cyber attacks on the US launch of DRM or “anti-satellite missiles” and killer satellites.
According to the publication, one of the reasons concern the US Air Force was the launch of Russia in 2014, the three telecommunications satellites and spacecraft that can travel at a higher orbit to a lower and closer to the other objects.
“This satellite-killer can dismantle key systems other orbiter, explosives placed on it, or even to go to the ram as kamikazes”, - said Deborah Lee James.
According to her data, China began trials of its anti-satellite missiles back in 2007, that’s when they destroyed their own failed satellite.
“We need to be ready. We must be prepared for a possible conflict, which one leaves the earth and goes into space. Knowledge - the power, and we need more than ever to be well trained in the sky” - the minister added.
According to the US Air Force Space Command, General John Hite, information about the potential vulnerability of US military space systems have been brought to the president. It is expected that the Obama administration will allocate in 2016 to approximately $ 5 billion to over five years to develop a technology to counter this threat.
As the newspaper notes, Hiten says that about half of the requested $ 5 billion will be spent on the secret program. The remaining funds will be used to improve the work of ground stations and systems, situational alerts. In particular, by 2019 it is planned to complete construction of the so-called space fence, which would constitute a ground radar network for the detection of space objects and debris.

16 May 2015

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