Media: The two aircraft collided in the air and fell into the ocean near Los Angeles, killing three people

The collision occurred at 15.30 local time. At the moment, details of the incident being investigated. At the scene working divers and firefighters.

MOSCOW, February 6 - RIA Novosti. Two small aircraft collided in the air and fell into the Pacific Ocean near the harbor of Los Angeles, at the moment of survival data are not available, reports the Associated Press citing local authorities.

According to the US Coast Guard, the collision occurred at 15.30 local time (02.30 MSK).

As the channel FOX Los Angeles, two men and one woman were on board the aircraft.

At the scene conducted a search and rescue operation, working divers and firefighters. Entrance to the harbor of Los Angeles closed to traffic.

There is a scene investigation at the time of the incident causes have not been established.

6 February 2016

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