“The US has always stand guard over the interests of freedom of speech, freedom of the press” (the United States launch a printing press in Tajikistan)

US Ambassador to Tajikistan Elizabeth Millard and Secretary General of “Alliance Media” Munim Olam Tajikistan took part in the ceremony of the official launch of a new printing press for use by independent media in Tajikistan. This April 28 the resource ca-news.

The Embassy provided funding for the purchase of equipment to be used by twelve editions included in the “Alliance Media”. Elizabeth Millard stressed that the gift coincides with World Press Freedom Day, celebrated on May 3, and “The United States always stand guard over the interests of freedom of speech, freedom of the press.”

“Freedom of expression constitutes one of the fundamental values ​​of our country, and that we support in Tajikistan We sincerely hope that the use of the recording equipment will contribute to the prosperity of publications and improve access to information, enabling more people to regularly read newspapers.”, - Said, she underlined during that printing equipment is one of the many grants provided by the US government for the media in Tajikistan.

Since 1992, Washington has provided more than $ 1 billion. To support economic development, democratic institutions, health care, education and security of Tajikistan. However, observers are already wondering how long the equipment, donated US independent media, will serve in a country that was deaf outsider in a recent ranking of “Freedom of the Press 2016″, released by the human rights organization Freedom House, in a country where persecuted dissent and where, for “strangulation” opinion, runs counter to the line of the authorities, in the course are any measure.

28 April 2016

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