Talks Russia and the U.S. failed to supply chicken

Talks Russia and the U.S. licenses for imports[[t:tag slug=import]imports of U.S. chicken finally failed, the newspaper Kommersant. According to the publication, Ministry of Industry has approved the import of 150,000 tons of poultry meat under a quota the U.S. “from any other state of the provider. However, due to the growth of domestic manufacture the Russian market is not experiencing shortages, and prices for chicken, even declining.
Section United States quota was the result of a complete ban from 19 January 2010 the import of chicken meat from the U.S., with sanitized by using chlorinated water. This decision was due to the new technical regulations, introduced in Russia from January 1, whereby the limiting amount of chlorine in the solution for the processing of chicken meat decreased fourfold. Most producers of chicken in the U.S. do not meet the specified requirements.

The negotiations on the fate of the American chicken supply to the market of Russia took place from January 19 Rospotrebnadzor and officials of USDA, but were unsuccessful. During this time the Russian government has managed to agree on the section of the quotas on poultry from the U.S..

This year, shipments of poultry from the U.S. to Russia should reach 600 thousand tons of chicken meat (77 per cent of total imports and about 20 percent of Russia’s annual consumption). Last year, the Russian side has imported 950,000 tons of poultry meat, including 750 thousand tons - from the U.S..

8 June 2010

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• Onishchenko accused the U.S. of politicizing the issue of supply of poultry meat and obstacles to the modernization of its production in private business »»»
Head of Rospotrebnadzor Gennady Onishchenko surprised utterances Deputy U.S. Agriculture Secretary James Miller on the bleach problem, because of which were suspended deliveries of U.
• Onishchenko: American poultry producers have agreed not to use chlorine »»»
American manufacturers have agreed to renounce the use of chlorine in the processing of carcasses of poultry exports to Russia.
• Poultry in the United States agree to abide by Russia's standards, but the authorities forced them to handle the chicken chlorine »»»
U.S. poultry producers are confident the full safety of its products and its methods of processing.
• In the United States are ready to rid the chicken from the chlorine in two or three months »»»
Yesterday began in Moscow Russia-US talks, designed to unlock the supply of poultry meat from the United States in Russia.
• The U.S. government does not agree with the new proposals of the Russian authorities on the import of poultry meat »»»
The U.S. government does not agree with the new proposals of the Russian authorities on the import of poultry meat.

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