Another attack against Russia (Obama again raised Russia’s policy in line with the Ebola virus, and IG)

President Barack Obama on Monday made another attack against Russia, calling Russian policy in one of three Americans to worry about what is happening in the world, along with the Ebola virus and the terrorist group “Islamic state.”

In the past, such statements Obama met with sharp criticism from Moscow.

“People are worried. Worry they are for three reasons,” - Obama said in a campaign speech in Chicago. After that, President elaborated on the first “Islamic state” against which the United States led a military campaign in Syria and Iraq, then the epidemic of Ebola, which has become a cause for serious concern in American society.

“The situation in Ukraine and the Russian aggression - it is (also) concerned people. So there is a sense of concern about what is happening abroad,” - said Obama. After that, he turned to the internal problems of the United States - to slow economic growth, social inequality and unemployment.

First President of the United States used the comparison of Russian terrorists and the Ebola virus in the September speech at the UN General Assembly. The Russian Foreign Ministry called Obama’s speech “a set of cliches and propaganda slogans.” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that such estimates are “beyond good and evil.”

21 October 2014

The crowd left the rally Democrats in the United States, not wanting to listen to Obama’s speech
Washington urban madness (”Czech Free Press”, Czech Republic)

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