US to give the old for the new nuclear bomb

The US military has spent enormous sums for the development of a modernized nuclear gravity bombs B61-12, but fundamentally new opportunities, it shall not be - it’s all the same development of the Cold War. Nevertheless, the US Air Force and the National Nuclear Security Administration of the USA with the pump held her test in the Nevada desert.

The US military reported the successful test explosion of its latest invention - the upgraded nuclear gravity bombs B61. However, it became clear fairly quickly that the bomb is not new.

“B61 - is a free-fall bomb, located in the US arsenal decade. Like Russia, the United States, many of updating their systems during the Cold War. This is - one of them” - quoted by Tass executive director of the American Association for Arms Control Daryl Kimball. “We are not talking about new weapons, new abilities,” - he stressed.

The expert expressed the view that the US and Russia, which possess the largest nuclear arsenals in the world, “spending exorbitant sums of rubles and dollars on nuclear weapons systems in excess of their needs nuclear deterrence.” And to say that in the near future the state will give up this tactic, however.

“It is essential that both countries have reduced the intensity of rhetoric in the style of the Cold War, and returned to serious negotiations on reducing nuclear risks and further cuts in their arsenals,” - said Kimball. Nevertheless, the US military created the fifth modification of the bombs B61, which will replace the B61-3, -4, -10 and 47.

“We hope that the first sample of the products will be ready for the 2020 financial year”, - said Deputy Minister of Energy of the United States Frank Klotz, who heads the National Nuclear Security Administration. In total, it is planned to produce about 480 bombs B61-12.

This test was the first of three planned. The rest should go to the end of 2015. The second is expected to be held in August.

Modification in Nevada dropped bombs aimed at ensuring compatibility with the new generation of fighters, such as multi-purpose attack the American Joint Strike Fighter. Another important difference is the principle of falling bombs: with tail rudders B61-12 LEP will be corrected, while the current versions have a parachute and are svobodnopadayuschie. Power warhead updated version will be 50 kilotons.

10 July 2015

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