Source: Deputy Ilya Ponomarev international wanted list

State Duma deputy Ilya Ponomarev, accused of complicity in the embezzlement of 22 million rubles, the international wanted list. This Tass said a source in law enforcement.

“Due to the fact that Ponomarev deliberately hiding outside Russia, ignoring calls to investigators, in early July, he was put on the international wanted list. Seek it instructed Interpol of the Interior Ministry,” - a spokesman said.

According to the source, Ponomarev left Russia in July last year, when flew from Moscow to New York. Currently, investigators do not know his actual location. July 17 Moscow’s Basmanny court will consider the petition of the investigation of the absentee arrest of the deputy.

Ponomarev and then “Skolkovo”

Earlier in respect Ponomarev was prosecuted for complicity in embezzlement of 22 million rubles from the fund “Skolkovo”. It is about to pay $ 750 thousand for the prisoner in 2010 a contract to perform research work and lecturing. According to investigators, he made aiding senior vice president for development and commercialization of the “Skolkovo” Alexei Beltyukova embezzlement of funds allocated to the popularization of innovations developed by the fund.

Representative IC spokesman Vladimir Markin said that “in accordance with the applicable law on criminal proceedings had obtained the consent of the State Duma,” and a criminal case was instituted head of the SC, the investigation entrusted to the Office for investigation of particularly important cases of the department.

In April, the State Duma almost unanimously Ponomarev deprived of parliamentary immunity. For this decision voted 438 deputies, one was against.

June 17 fraction “Fair Russia” has made to the State Duma a draft resolution on deprivation of seats for non-participation in the work of the group, which intend to deprive spravorossy Ponomarev parliamentary powers.

16 July 2015

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