US authorities acknowledged the threat of exposing their spy network

In early July, the management staff of the US administration (ORM) reported that hackers could steal personal data of 21.5 million US government employees and other citizens

Previously, the administration of US President stated that Chinese hackers did not get access to the names of American spies working undercover. Administration officials have argued that the data on employees of the CIA and other intelligence agencies of some never stored in the database of MPAs and protected from hacker attacks.

Now, however, analysts and employees of Congress talking about the big fears in relation to the fact that hackers can take advantage of a huge amount of extracted information to identify US spies by process of elimination. By combining information from the stolen data they collect for a long time, hackers can use big data analytics to identify the operational staff.

In the US, there is practically no disagreement about what China was the source of hacker attacks on personnel management, which lasted at least half a year, says The New York Times.

The publication refers to a high-ranking employee of the CIA and congressional staff who spoke on condition of anonymity that the hackers managed to obtain personal information about retired CIA officer.

25 July 2015

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