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Stalin’s deportation of the peoples of the Soviet Union (the Baltic states, Crimean Tatars and others.) Are now generally attributed to violent and vengeful tyrant. And let’s try from a logical point of view …
First, to determine: the deportation was not invented by Stalin. Removal from the front line, “unreliable” the peoples - a common occurrence in the military practice of all countries of the world. It occurs with varying degrees of hardness - from benign administrative expulsions to total destruction.
And here, too - not Stalin set a record. The Turks at the beginning of the First World cut its unreliable Armenians under the root. The Austrians were driven unreliable Galician Rusyns in the death camps - Talerhof and Terezin, where very few returned alive.
“Bloody” Stalin acted differently - he moved the peoples of the vast territory of the USSR. Why is it needed? Let us estimate: start (already under way, has just ended) war. All farming works in the marginal degree of stress, each person, each liter of fuel, each rail car on the account …
And then with the leader of a “hangover” decides: well let’s resettle couple hundred thousand some people somewhere for a couple of thousand kilometers … The national economy stands on the ears of the war effort and diverted dozens MIC thousands of people (military, police, administrators, transporters, suppliers), hundreds of trains begin to drag across the floor of the country unhappy people with their belongings instead haul coal, steel, tanks and shells …
Next: a territory where an entire people taken out, it is unproductive for a long time. And the one area where these people have brought spends precious resource at the reception and an elementary arrangement arrived. How the migration of peoples then cost money - it is difficult to count. But the impact on the economy was clearly stronger.
Children in such cases to ask, “Uncle, you - fool?” To say that the Soviet leadership were fools - it is possible. But this is not the case. Fools do not win wars. Especially the world. Hence, the actions of Stalin’s logic. What? I’ll try to explain it in the most characteristic example - the deportation of Crimean Tatars to Uzbekistan in the spring of 1944.
Well you hopefully know that the Crimean Tatars most actively supported the German occupation? The commander of the 11th German Army, Colonel-General von Manstein, with some surprise, wrote: “The Tartars once stood on our side. They see us as their liberators from the Bolshevik yoke …”
I will not analyze the reasons, simply stating: the German occupation of the small Crimean Tatar folk put Hitler more than 20 thousand men - combatant battalions, police, punitive … The number of Crimean Tatars (per capita), sworn to Hitler, was a record World . It’s a fact.

1 September 2015

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