Defense Ministry: It seems that the position of objects terrorists in Syria is the most guarded state secret US

Russian Defense Ministry commented on the statement by the Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, who said that the majority of Russian air strikes in Syria is not directed against terrorists and “carried out by the area over which the Assad regime has lost control.”

“Once again I emphasize - the Russian air group in Syria strikes not by regions, and on the projects of the terrorist infrastructure,” - said in a statement on the official site office.

The Defense Ministry said that “such statements analyzing various American officials, it appears that the location of these objects is controlled by the terrorists - the most guarded state secret in the United States.”

“The representatives of the Pentagon and the State Department about them all the time mentioned, but never say exactly where they are located,” - emphasized in the military.

At the same time it was reminded that detailed maps of the military attache “antiigilovskoy coalition” led by the United States, officially handed over detailed information about the objects and areas controlled by the terrorists in Syria.

“Please note that the information provided has not been disproved either by the State Department or the Pentagon. So, as they say, the comments here are unnecessary,” - noted in the Ministry of Defense.

In addition to this department we told how Russian crews acted in Syria in the past two days. They carried out 81 sorties and worked on 263 terrorist targets in the provinces of Aleppo, Damascus, Deir ez-Zor, Idlib, Latakia, Raqqa, Hama and Homs.

So, near the town of Maaret En Nuuman in the province of Idlib, according to data obtained through a joint information center in Baghdad a few days ago one of the warehouses fighters brought the party of anti-missile systems. They were intended banned in the Russian terrorist group “Dzhibhat en Nusra” and should have been used to destroy armored vehicles advancing Syrian government troops.

After confirming this information across multiple channels pair of Su-25 for this purpose was hit, resulting in a warehouse with all its contents was destroyed.

In the vicinity of the airport Neyrob (province of Aleppo), Su-24M bombers destroyed were located in several buildings with workshops for the repair of armored vehicles in Russia banned terrorist group “IG”.

“These workshops were restored military vehicles and tanks, as well as to the installation of heavy weapons on jeeps and trucks to be sent later to the line of contact between militants and units of the Syrian armed forces - said the Ministry of Defence. - As a result of falling bombs workshops and find them seven pieces of equipment were destroyed by terrorists “…………,,,

6 November 2015

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