VOA: Human rights activists urge Merkel to intercede for civilians Ukraine

The human rights organization Human Rights Watch, as reported by Voice of America, encouraged Germany to “put pressure” on the Ukrainian leadership to that provided protection of civilians in the conflict zone in the east. According to the publication, this appeal was addressed to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is due to meet on Thursday in Berlin with the Prime Minister of Ukraine Yatsenyuk.
Germany is “important” ally of Ukraine, and so she “has a special responsibility to ensure that the Ukrainian authorities active fulfillment of obligations to comply with the laws of war and to protect the civilian population,” - said Rachel Denber, deputy director of the division Human Rights Watch, responsible for Europe and Central Asia.
In addition, Human Rights Watch urged Angela Merkel to achieve from Kiev more thorough investigations of a number of incidents where the actions of the Ukrainian military allegedly led to casualties among the civilian population in eastern Ukraine.
According to the Human Rights Watch, Ukrainian security forces and the militia “repeatedly” jeopardize the life of the civilian population, using cluster bombs and “Grad” - two types of weapons which, as the Voice of America, not intended for aimed fire.

7 January 2015

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