In the United States began collecting signatures for the granting of citizenship Kasyanov

In the US, activists began collecting signatures for the granting of US citizenship of the Russian co-chairman of the “RPR-Parnassus” Mikhail Kasyanov. The petition with the appropriate treatment, on the website and addressed to the president and Congress, two days gained about 11 thousand votes.

According to the author of the petition - a certain Robert Hill in Washington (DC) - citizenship should be the reward Kasyanov for his “contribution to the development of democracy” and “invaluable support to the US position on key aspects of Russian foreign policy.”

Kasyanov - a frequent visitor to the US, which is taken with open arms the most inveterate Russophobia. “Merit”, but rather the services for which the co-chairman “RPR-Parnassus” is so appreciated in Washington, are well known. A few weeks ago, speaking in the prestigious Council on Foreign Relations in the US capital, he proposed to Congress to extend the so-called sanctions “Magnitsky list”, reports from Capitol Hill lawmakers to the list of persons, according to him, allegedly involved in the “harassment” Boris Nemtsov. Among other Kasyanov received with full honors famous ardent anti-Russian rhetoric, Senator John McCain.

Himself co-chairman of “RPR-Parnassus” has made it clear that he intends to continue to “bring the shells”, and look for candidates for these lists, in fact doing the work an assistant US State Department, who has been compiling lists of sanctions “Magnitsky Act”.

25 May 2015

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