Biden said that he would not run for president of the United States in 2016 because of the death of his son

US Vice President Joe Biden announced that he would not join in the fight for the highest office in 2016.

He made this statement in the presence of the President Barack Obama, speaking in the Rose Garden at the White House. “In my decision was influenced by the death of my son Bo, - he said. - I will not have enough time to build a successful campaign.”

Biden said that he could not go to the polls if his family was not ready because of the mourning for the death of his son. “We have experienced much loss of Bo. The good news is that the family has overcome it - said the Vice President. - Unfortunately, the window (capacity of the campaign) is closed.”

“But, as I will not be a candidate for president, I’m not going to be silent”, - said the politician, adding that he would help his party in the elections. He also stressed that he would provide full support funds for the fight against cancer in memory of his son.

Thus, Biden literally cleared the way for the former First Lady Hillary Clinton, who is currently the main contender for the nomination of the Democratic Party for the presidential elections in 2016.
46-year-old son, Beau Biden, died May 30 from brain cancer. It was a big blow to the policy, which is the second time experiencing the loss of loved ones. His first wife Nelia and 13-month-old daughter died in a car crash in 1972.

Biden - one of the most experienced American politicians who until the election of the Vice-President for over 35 years in the US Senate. The Obama administration, he plays an important role, including in making personnel decisions.

In 1988 and 2008, Biden fought for the presidential nomination, but both times pretty quickly descended from a distance, in the first case he was accused of plagiarism. At the same time he considers himself a skilful orator, though sometimes short-tempered.

22 October 2015

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