Volkswagen offered at $ 1,000 in the form of gift cards and vouchers 482,000 car owners in the United States

Carmaker Volkswagen offered gift cards and vouchers in the amount of $ 1000 to owners of small cars with diesel engines in the United States, where equipment was installed underestimates emissions of harmful substances, according to the Associated Press.

According to the agency, the company made the proposal 482 thousand car owners on Monday. The offer also includes the provision of free technical assistance in case of breakage on the road for three years.

“We are working tirelessly to find a solution for the problem of cars. In the meantime, we offer this kit as a first step towards restoring the confidence of our customers,” - said in a statement the head of the US division of the Volkswagen Group, Michael Horn.
It is noted that for a gift card in the United States, car owners will not have to sign any disclaimers claims to the automaker. “There is no obligation,” - quoted by the official representative of Volkswagen in the United States Janine Giniven.

The company also reported that the Audi brand will launch a similar program on Friday.

Carmaker Volkswagen has been accused by US authorities in the equipment of its diesel cars by understate the actual emissions of harmful substances. US authorities ordered the concern withdraw 482,000 cars brands Volkswagen and Audi, sold in the country in 2009-2015. Companies may also face a fine of up to 18.075 billion dollars.

The bulk of the cars violations in the software is not in the US and in Europe. For example, in the EU it is about 8 million vehicles, of which in Germany - 2.8 million. In total there are about 11 million vehicles with this kind of defect.

10 November 2015

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