Lithuania suddenly discovered that the American gas it does not fit

Lithuania has postponed the purchase of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to the United States, as it is not suitable for the gas system of the Baltic countries, said a spokeswoman for the Lithuanian energy company Lietuvos Energija. Lithuanian gas system is adapted for Russian gas and American LNG has a much higher caloric value, explained the company.

“We are not going to buy gas from the US, because the gas that they offer does not meet the requirements of our distribution system,” - said the representative of Lietuvos Energija Reuters Ernest Dapkiene.

Lithuania has launched a terminal for LNG in the Baltic Sea at the end of 2014 and beginning of gas imports from Norway. A subsidiary of Lietuvos Energija, Litgas, import, negotiated the purchase of LNG from the US company Cheniere Energy.

Industry sources said last year that Lithuania will receive a first batch of US LNG in February.

“They are still experiencing equipment for liquefying and can not provide the chemical composition of the gas needed for Lithuania. We think that when the tests are over, they will be able to meet our specifications,” - said Dapkiene about Cheniere Energy.

Sources told Reuters last year that Cheniere Energy is required from four to six months to test the equipment before the company will supply long-term contract with BG Group.

20 January 2016

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