The U.S. believes that Russia and Japan should continue dialogue to resolve the dispute over the Kuril Accessories

U.S. recommends Russia not to abandon the dialogue with Japan on the ownership of four Kuril islands.

“We would encourage both countries to continue the dialogue, because we certainly want to see stability in the region” - and told reporters. Fr. Deputy Head of Press Service U.S. Department of State Mark Toner.

Statement by the U.S. Department of State was a reaction to the words of Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Alexander Lukashevich, before stressing that the territorial talks with Japan, “there can be no question.”

“During the regular Japan-Russia consultations and meetings from time to time discussed the prospects for concluding a peace treaty and ways of dealing with the so-called territorial issue. But no talks on these topics is not conducted. On the negotiations and can be no question, because our positions diverge dramatically,” - leads the ITAR-Tass words representative of the Russian Ministry.

18 February 2011

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The United States urged Russia and Japan to resolve the territorial dispute over the Kuril Islands and conclude a peace treaty.
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The scandal around the Kuril Islands is developing, is clearly against the logic and necessity, in fact, on level ground.
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• Moscow reacted to the statement of the U.S. and Japan have agreed to jointly solve the problem of the Kuril Islands accessories. »»»
The document was adopted earlier in the week following the meeting in Washington of heads of ministries of defense and foreign ministers of both countries.

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