Apple has released a set of politically correct emoticons such as smiley options for families are diverse: You can choose a picture which shows a homosexual couple.

Image Fun smileys that users are so fond of sending various messages, as well as annotated on the Internet, will now become politically correct. Thanks to the new design of Apple for the first time people will be able to choose shades of “skin” smiley and thereby make the image more “similar” to himself. The new set has other new items. Thus, the image of an old mobile phone has become a new smartphone, but instead of the usual hours were Apple Watch.

“Smiley does not have to be white, it can be black,” - decided at Apple and released new release of iOS 8.3. Now users can choose a shade of “skin” emoticon. Total proposed six options. According to the developers, in such a funny picture became more “human”, similar to the people who send them to friends or supply their comments on the Internet.

However, in a set of emoticons changed not only shades of “skin”. Progress does not stand still. Now in the new set kartinkok old cell phone replaced by the newest iPhone 6, and usual hours turned into Apple Watch. There were also flags of different countries, which previously was not. As well as options for family emoticons have become more varied: it is possible, for example, select a picture which shows a homosexual couple.

24 February 2015

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