Father of murdered US journalist intends to work to change laws

According to him, it is necessary to close loopholes that allow crazy to have access to weapons.

Andy Parker - the father of American journalist Alison Parker, who was killed the day before in the town of Coin, Virginia - intends to change the law. This middle-aged man said in an interview on Fox News.

- I’m not going to just leave it. We must do something about the problem of crazy people who receive weapons. Next week there will be other stories - this is the news business. But I will not forget. So mark my words: the mission of my life - to ensure that legislators have closed all loopholes enacted laws that will not let crazy receive arms - he said.

According to Andy Parker, he has already expressed his support for the governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe.

- You heard me: it is the legacy of Alison, whom I have filled - summed up the elderly man.

Killer reporter Alison Parker and operator Adam Ward turned their former colleague - Vester Flanagan. He shot his victims, when the crew interviewed the employee Chamber of Commerce Mauntan Smith Lake. Personnel killing of television viewers saw live. Flanagan also withdrew his crime on video and posted on the Internet before they commit suicide.

In addition, Flanagan sent a fax to the office of TV channel 23-page document, which explained the reasons for its action. According to the man, colleagues mocked him because of his sexual orientation and color. However, the event that triggered the chain reaction began shooting parishioners African Methodist Episcopal Church Immanuel in Charleston, South Carolina. Then, we recall, the victim of a criminal Dylan Rufus began nine people, the criminal himself did not deny that the mass murder he committed on racial grounds.

27 August 2015

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