US authorities are going to get access to the correspondence of Apple users and Google

US authorities have announced their intention to require the companies Apple, Google and Microsoft access to encrypted correspondence users of their programs. It is reported by The Wall Street Journal, citing informed sources. It is noted that the reason for this decision was the terrorist attacks in Paris.

The White House and members of the US Congress during the negotiations with the representatives of the companies will discuss the use of technology overprotection correspondence and access to private information of users.

Until now, companies were not prepared to meet the authorities. The statement, in particular, Google and Microsoft, noted that “the weakening of the security in order to achieve reliable protection does not make sense.” With Apple noted that it is not ready to abandon the coding that protects trillions of online transactions a day, as it can be exploited. “I do not know how to protect people without encryption,” - said Apple CEO Tim Cook.
It is noted that, according to French media reports, Paris terrorists used ordinary text messages that can be controlled by the police, if their sender or recipient - the suspect.

Speaking November 16 during an online conference Wall Street Journal, the Pentagon chief Ashton Carter said about the need to monitor social networking activity to combat the terrorist group “Islamic State” (IG) on the Internet.

November 12, citing informed sources, the media reported that the FBI paid a million dollars for the search technology deanonimizatsii people are encrypted network Tor.

British Prime Minister David Cameron in January, spoke out against the messengers are encrypted correspondence, but this initiative is not implemented at the moment.

US intelligence technologies for data collection and tracking of Internet users were subjected to severe criticism after massive revelations former employee of the NSA and the CIA Edward Snowden, then granted temporary asylum in Russia. According to him, the US security agencies covertly monitored users of the service Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, Skype, YouTube, PalTalk, AOL and Apple, all of which companies voluntarily provide access to their data. As a result of the program, called PRISM, it has been curtailed by the Obama administration.

21 November 2015

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• US authorities accuse Apple and Google in aiding terrorism because of data encryption »»»
Lack of access to the American authorities personal data of users of Apple and Google only helps terrorists in their activities.
• Google and Facebook users will be put under cover FBI »»»
The head of the FBI Robert Mueller suggested that empower spy on users of popular social networks.
• Facebook acknowledged that monitors their users and deliver them to police »»»
Popular social networking site Facebook scans its users chat rooms in search of “criminal activity”.
• The head of Google considers meanness worry about anonymity online »»»
Google CEO Eric Schmidt called cowards those who worry about safety of their personal data in the network.
• Google has patented technology of automated responses in social networks »»»
Internet giant Google has patented technology that allows the user to automate social networking.

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