The media over the last 5 days of 2015 American police shot dead 20 people

WASHINGTON, Jan. 7. / Correspondent. Anton Eccentrics TASS /. Over the last 5 days last year, US police officers who were on duty, was shot dead more than 20 people. This follows from the data published on Wednesday, the Washington Post.

“In 2015, police shot and killed 986 people, more than twice the average, annually published by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the last 10 years,” - the article says.

During the year edition it monitors all cases of murder as a result of use of firearms by law enforcement officers. His data are based, in particular, police reports, court records and findings of pathologists who examined the journalists.

December 27 the newspaper published a similar report, which showed that by police bullets killed 965 people.

According to the results of investigative journalism, in 2015 the vast majority of victims of police were carrying weapons, while half of all those killed were white. However, based on the murder of the local population of black residents of law enforcement officers occur three times more often than whites. At the same time 40% of the total number of unarmed persons who shot the policemen, blacks make up. A quarter of the dead were signs of overt mental illness.

Washington Post December called “the deadliest month of the last year” - 88 kills as a result of law enforcement firearms. Only one state - Rhode Island - has not been a similar case. According to the newspaper, the incidents that caused massive protests in many parts of the country - mainly when white police killed unarmed African-American - account for less than 4% of the total number of cases of law enforcement officers of firearms deaths.

The best-known cases of the use of weapons by police US

One of the most famous examples is committed in August 2014 killing in the city of Ferguson (Missouri), an unarmed 18-year-old African-American Michael Brown. He was shot by a white police officer Darren Wilson. After that swept nationwide mass protests, sometimes developed into riots.

The newspaper, like many human rights organizations in the United States, believes that the use of firearms by the police was not always justified. First of all, it refers to situations when the guards opened fire on those who tried to escape from them, often in the heat of passion, or mentally unstable people. “Washington Post” said that the situation should fix tougher rules for the use of firearms, that the management of US law enforcement agencies are now trying to put into practice the daily work of their subordinates.

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