Trump shocked Washington to reconsider the US’s NATO membership

Businessman and US presidential candidate Donald Trump on Monday dealt a low blow to the US, and perhaps European and foreign policy establishment, putting into question the cornerstone element of the western security - Washington leadership in NATO. About his vision of the US role in the world billionaire, is the favorite in the fight for the nomination of the Republican Party in the presidential elections in November 2016, he said during a meeting with the editors of the Washington Post.

“NATO’s costing us a fortune Yeah, we thus defend Europe, but we spend a lot of money -. Stated Trump -. We can no longer afford it We have to revise Save NATO, but may pay much.. less”.

In Washington, a lot of general debate on foreign policy, and is not uncommon that the president, lawmakers, experts and the media have diametrically opposed viewpoints. Sometimes there are even friction within the administration - as, for example, between the White House and the State Department on the issue of bombing Syria. By the way, in Washington did not hide the irritation in that most of its NATO allies saddled with the burden of all Americans, and do not spend on defense, even taken in the alliance of two percent of GDP. But few went so far as the Trump and questioned US leadership in the unit, which is already more than seven decades, is considered to be unshakable pillar of transatlantic security.

“What is happening in Ukraine affects the United States is much less than the other NATO countries, but for some reason we take all the hard work themselves and they (the countries of Europe - WP). Stand apart So why Germany does not work with NATO on Ukraine, -.? I asked Trump -. Or other countries adjacent to Ukraine Why do we always conduct all forward, possibly to a third world war with Russia? ”

Probably, in Poland and the Baltic countries, which, after the crisis in Ukraine vying require military bases Washington United States and NATO on their territory, the words Trump will produce a bombshell. And the leaders of these countries will soon join the chorus of his critics and, fingers crossed, will rely on the tycoon’s defeat in the election campaign on the other side of the Atlantic.

However, Trump is not only cooled the expectations of Europeans, but also US allies in Asia, questioned the appropriateness of Washington’s military investment in the region. “South Korea - very rich, industrialized countries, - he continued -. And we do not get fair compensation for what do we endlessly send our ships to her, airplanes, conduct exercises -. And instead receive only a small part of what it all costs. ” On the question of whether the United States receive benefits from the presence in the region, he replied in the negative: “I do not think we were powerful and wealthy country now, we poor country, the debtor country…”

The main geopolitical and economic adversary in this sense, he sees China: “They are taken out of the country so much money that they have reconstructed the whole of China Without us there would not be all these airports, roads, bridges And we ourselves, we do not build more.. our time has passed. ”

Isolationism comes to replace intervention

Strictly speaking, the notes of isolationism in US foreign policy - not news. After a disastrous series of interventions Administration of George W. Bush and the 2008 financial crisis, the appetite of Americans to solve problems all over the world “by fire and sword”, or rather aircraft carriers and “Tomahawk”, noticeably diminished. Today it is no longer surprised by the calls smaller pry into the problems of other countries under the banner of democracy. Suffice it to state that the undisputed favorite in the US election campaign from the once militant Republican Party - Trump and Senator Ted Cruz - Both during the debate criticized the White House for the intervention in Libya and the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi.

“Hawks” is, of course, in Washington gave and make themselves known. Recently, several dozen prominent neo-conservative politicians and commentators who profess the most aggressive foreign policy positions, in a fit of despair, issued a joint open letter, urging Americans to come to their senses and realize what a disaster could turn into a foreign policy supposedly Trump, going at full speed to victory in the Republican primaries.

But the Americans have expressed their “vox populi”. Trump and Cruz for two inflicted a resounding defeat all pets traditional establishment - support the strengthening of NATO Jeb Bush to the well-known hawkish views of Senator Marco Rubio. In fact, in respublikantsev- “hawks” of his voice and the candidate in this race left. Paradoxically, the remaining candidates closest to him in spirit is a favorite of opponents Democrats - former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, known penchant for tough stance in foreign policy. By the way, several large respublikantsev- “hawks” Politico newspaper said earlier that more cross through their party affiliation and vote for Clinton than Trump’s support.

It is noteworthy that the current President Barack Obama, who was elected on the idea of ​​reducing the US military presence in the world, in a recent interview with The Atlantic also lamented the “freeloaders” (eng. “Free-rider”). This unflattering characterization he gave a large cohort of US allies, particularly in Europe and the Middle East, who intend “to use American muscle to solve their specific tasks.” Obama’s statements have caused a painful reaction and issues in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel, some EU countries.

Amid calls for the Obama foreign policy hawks can be considered moderate. For example, decisions on military operations in the Middle East look labored half-measures. But in practice, its tendency to reduce the role of the US in world affairs know your limits and not always poured into real policy. The outburst of extremism in the once “liberated” Iraq has forced the administration to return to the Middle East. A crisis in Ukraine has become an invaluable tool for the military elite, with tears watched the cuts in the US presence in Europe after the end of the “Cold War”. Repeated Pentagon mantra of “Russian threat” to the eastern flank of NATO launched this trend reversed. In February, the US administration said it will increase fourfold to support the costs of the Allied alliance and placement of military equipment in Europe to contain Russia in the 2017th fiscal year.

So if other isolationism - that’s just notes, then Trump on Monday, giving up the role of world policeman was the main party.

“I looked at the way we build schools in Iraq, and then they take off into the air. We are building a school, and blow it up again. But we have to rebuild it in the second and third time … And at the same time we can not afford build a school in Brooklyn - he complained -.. we have no money for education, we do not build in their own country when already we ask, not whether it is time to take care of myself Yes, the world is outside the uS … But? our country is falling apart … “.

“Today, the world has changed, we should not engage in the alignment of other states - sure Tycoon -. Experience has shown that this does not work, but we ourselves today in a different state of our debt has reached 19 trillion dollars we will probably sit on the bubble..” . “And if the bubble bursts, the consequences will be terrible,” - he warned the tycoon, summarized: “We need to recreate our country.”

22 March 2016

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