Media: EU may impose visas for citizens of the USA and Canada

The European Commission is studying the possibility of introducing a visa regime for citizens of the USA and Canada. This step may be a symmetrical response to Washington’s practice and Ottawa, require visas from citizens of individual EU countries, Reuters reports citing unofficial sources.
Although Bulgaria and Romania joined the EU in 2007, the United States and Canada continues to admit citizens of these countries into its territory only if the visa. The United States also imposes additional requirements for the entry of citizens of Poland, Hungary and Croatia, which are also members of the EU. At the same time, US and Canadian citizens can enter the territory of the EU countries in the free mode.

Until April 12, the European Commission has to decide whether to raise the question of revising its visa policy should be. In Brussels, noted that such a step would be practical, but it could seriously undermine the EU’s huge tourist industry, as well as a negative impact on the preparation of the Treaty establishing a single trade zone between the US and the EU.

8 April 2016

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