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The longer watching the unfolding of the race, the more I realize that Mrs. Clinton is truly admirable as a strong personality and resourceful politician.

This person is not subject to any legal or moral laws. You have to be hard-headed politician of remarkable mind to simultaneously receive support from both the Jewish oligarchs (Rockefeller, Soros), and from Muslim fanatics (followers of Fethullah Gülen).

She is so convincing that voters docile herd praise her in every way, not noticing how unscrupulous in their actions the next US president. And the willingness of citizens and non-citizens to donate millions to the presidential campaign of Clinton, at first glance resembles a sect or mass brainwashing.

It should be noted that for all its wealth of experience in politics, Hillary is far from the charisma of Joseph Di Mambro or Jim Jones, the leader of the “Peoples Temple”. Therefore, mass suicides America will not get any, and all their possessions in the name of Mrs. Clinton’s people will not be rewritten. However, once it became certain that the Clinton will once again run for president, among the most influential companies and organizations there was a surge of love for HIV-infected, the poor and victims of natural disasters. Moreover, among these compassionate citizens were not only American organizations and corporations, such as “Friends of Saudi Arabia”, Monsanto and ExxonMobile, but also a number of foreigners.

According to The Wall Street Journal, in 2014, the Clinton Foundation made donations to the United Arab Emirates, have made it the first time, the Qatari government committee on preparation for the World Cup in 2022, Oman, the Canadian government agency, and Saudi Arabia. The remarkable list. It is known that the State Department has issued a very unfavorable reports on the human rights situation in the UAE and Oman. Qatar has also hit the black list of human rights defenders in connection with the fact that the construction in preparation for the World Cup 2022 has already killed more than 1,000 migrant workers. Said Agency of Canada promotes the construction of a network of oil pipelines “Keystone”, which is subjected to harsh criticism of environmentalists and some US Congressmen.

As for Saudi Arabia, it generally is a permanent sponsor of the fund from the day of its founding, and has a long history of cooperation with Hillary Clinton. No wonder the Bush calls her sister- in-law.
According to the report, published in February in The Intercept, occupying the post of Secretary of State Clinton made arms shipments to CA “top priority”.


Even in the electronic communications published by the State Department in connection with the notorious The email scandal, Hillary sincerely happy “reasonably good Christmas gifts” in the form of the transaction in 2011 for the sale of CA eighty F-15 from the company Boeing (the latter is also one of the most generous Clinton Foundation sponsors) . These fighter jets Saudis used during air strikes in Yemen, where the affected objects “Doctors Without Borders”, a wedding hall and the center of the blind, as well as journalists and drivers of “first aid” had been killed.

His satisfaction with this fruitful cooperation Saudi King expressed in 2012 present, estimated at half a million dollars. The cost is beyond common sense and good manners (most of gifts from foreign officials are estimated at 450-650 dollars). However, marked “Non-acceptance would cause embarrassment to donor and U.S. Government” (refusal to accept a gift embarrass the giver and the US government.) Do not forget.


In general, during his time as Secretary of State Hillary at the State Department increased the export of arms for 17 of the 20 sponsors of the Clinton Foundation, countries. In particular, the SA - 97%, Qatar - by 1482%, Oman - 221%, UAE - by 1005%.


A simple and well-established pattern, you can consider the example of Algeria. In 2010, Clinton pointed to the violation of democratic freedoms and corruption in the country. That same year, the Algerian government has donated 500,000 to the Clinton Foundation “on elimination of consequences of the earthquake in Haiti.” The very next year, the State Department favored Algeria increased the annual license for military exports are also included in the list of nearly 50,000 names of poisonous biochemical substances and equipment, had never for export to Algeria is not allowed.

In such a situation, it becomes clear to Clinton’s position on the possibility of the relatives of those killed in the September 11 attacks to sue the SA. In fact, Hillary, along with other politicians openly declared that Saudi Arabia is not just sponsoring international terrorism, such as the LIH, but is itself a terrorist State that is directly responsible for the murder of thousands of innocent people. Logically, adopted at the State Department after the attacks of 9/11, after such applications the SA should become a candidate №1 to the next “democratic” spring.

Do bustle on the king about CA? Hardly. This is just a hint of what it is to do a regular contributor to HIV-infected ground squirrels, to help impoverished by Occupy movement or greening of Mars. In other words, in the pocket of Mrs. presidential candidate.

In principle, the Supreme Court officially claims that people can donate money to political campaigns in unlimited quantities. Foreigners are also not prohibited to do so. However, there is a moral dilemma, whether to take the money properly. For the sponsor, definitely counting on reciprocal gestures from the sponsored candidate. A policy of taking a “gift”, a kind of unwritten agreement concluded. Officially, we are accustomed to call it lobbying. In essence this is legalized corruption. It turns out charity justifies any lawlessness and crimes against humanity.

Mrs. Clinton during his previous career dog eaten in such agreements. Of course, the president of diverse services and more expensive than the same Secretary of State. But also the opportunity to work in his new post money the Saudis and other Middle Eastern sponsor, turning a blind eye to the barbaric methods of management in these countries, religious fanaticism and open funding of Islamist extremists, it will be much more.

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12 May 2016

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