“Kamchatka loggia” stop NATO (political scientist - the need to deter the United States asymmetric)

The results of the NATO summit in Warsaw, held in the “bunker” format, in an environment deliberately inflated precautions that looked especially ridiculous against the background of a real fire in the US Dallas, the withdrawal of military tension between Russia and NATO to a qualitatively new level.

This fact can not be overlooked or ignored, knowing that for the first decision will almost certainly be followed by others. And no one should not be misled by any ritual declaration of desire for partnership with Russia, nor the relatively small amounts of manpower and resources, which is thrown in the NATO “scale confrontation.”

We begin to live in a new reality, and it is good that this new reality is coming right up to our borders in such a clear and transparent manner. Much worse it would be if this new reality creeps up to us, as in the years 2005-2013, to the accompaniment of discussions on responsible partnership. And to this new reality should be treated calmly and rationally, though, of course, the German tanks with crosses in the Baltic States - the image, by which it is impossible to pass.

A rational attitude to the situation dictates the need to minimize the destabilizing actions on the European continent. Europe is the last respectable and respectable place in which the burghers walked impressively, has now grown into a full-fledged Crow Colony, which each of its inhabitants singeing from your end to the best of their abilities.

But Russia’s participation in this process is necessary to recognize odd and untimely.

Of course, NATO actions require a definite answer, but arises from our border military capabilities - in the containment and neutralization. The question is the right choice of the main containment facility.

And from this point of view in a serious build-up of forces and means on the contact line with NATO in Europe, there is absolutely no need. This we will only play up to those who are the main bearer of the anti-Russian irrationality. Russia does not need to contain either Estonia or Lithuania, or even Poland, not to mention Latvia, empty as a result of mass migration.

The real object of deterrence in Europe, only two - or rather, a half: the United States and Germany, with Germany solely to the extent that it is independent in making foreign policy decisions. That is not so in the large.

To deter NATO, it is necessary first of all - and mainly - to restrain the United States.

And it is not necessary “to restrain” the United States is in Europe and it is through the build-up of military confrontation with the use of conventional weapons. If the American elite, even in the form in which it exists now, that is not at its best, will clearly understand the inevitability of transferring the conflict in one way or another on its territory, it will be enough to “war games” in Europe is limited solely to the sphere propaganda and periodic military demonstrations.

The American elite can be clever, if not, then sane when it comes to its immediate survival and well-being. And she will be able to find the right arguments to convince even the most Russophobian European politicians “to reduce the temperature.” Fortunately the United States know exactly what “buttons” to press for European politicians. And they do it, according to Angela Merkel, without any hesitation and misplaced delicacy.

It is clear that the buildup of NATO military presence in Europe - it is unpleasant. However, subject to the measures and information samogigieny moderate strengthening of the defensive capacity of the country in the European direction - well tolerated. Especially considering that in political terms, is working on the Russian and injection war hysteria, in fact, aimed at provoking Russia to actions that break the favorable trend for us. But the “fist deterrent” Russia is better to have not just in Europe.

Russia has accumulated great experience in the United States asymmetric containment. One needs only to open the archives of the 1940s - early 1970s, the time to achieve strategic parity United States and the Soviet Union, and read what is written there. And there are many interesting ideas that are relevant to this day. For example, in response to the strengthening of the “Eastern” flank of NATO Russia could enhance the “Oriental” ( “Kamchatka”) flank their perimeter defense, in fact, as it was done in the late 1940s - 1950s. Instead of escalating military confrontation around uncomfortable and geopolitically senseless “Baltic balcony” we might as well build a “loggia Kamchatka”, creating for our US partners an additional deterrent. It worked then - work and now, given the changed military and technical capabilities.

This, incidentally, would give impetus to the development of this important region for the Russian state.

And this is not only an “asymmetrical” version deter NATO.

Russia Focus on US deterrence and minimally - German limited positional defense in Europe and the maintenance of strategic stability (strength accommodation for spot neutralization US missile defense facilities), will Europe, where in fact pose a threat to peace. After all, in addition to anti-Russian propaganda Old World feeling the pressure of the real security challenges - terrorism, migration, cross-border crime and ethnic instability. Ultimately, in today’s Europe is not so much resources to spend on various promotional fetishes.

With Europe, Russia must conduct a dialogue, unfortunately, something sad. But we must lead not to the ruling elites, who in their decisions almost entirely dependent on Washington, and the European public opinion. No need to prove to him that the Russian - good. Speaking to the European townsfolk necessary that following in the footsteps of Russophobian irrational tantrums can be very costly for each individual, and that a European policy in modern times - this is too serious a matter to trust his contemporary European politicians.

11 July 2016

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