Hackers have proven that they can take control of a modern car

Electronic security system of a modern car was defenseless before the two programmers. Acted as hackers two young men managed to take control SUV Jeep Cherokee. Remotely, they were able to make the car accelerate, brake, turn and not only.

A former programmer US National Security Agency, Charlie Miller, who currently works in Twitter, and fellow specializing in computer security firm IOActive Chris Valasek able via the Internet with a couple of laptops completely dominate the electronic system on board the car Jeep Cherokee. In the car at that time was a journalist online publication Wired Andy Greenberg. On his unusual experience, demonstrates a complete powerlessness before breaking the “brain” of the car, the reporter told the magazine.

“I was driving at a speed of about 110 kilometers per hour in a suburb of St. Louis, when he suddenly realized that the hacking began. At first, despite the fact that I have not even touched the instrument panel of the duct my Jeep Cherokee I began icy air blow other than that she is including ventilation seat. Suddenly, a hip-hop radio tape recorder switched to another wave, and out of the speakers in the power sounded Skee-lo. Unable to stand, I abruptly pulled the shifter to the left and holding down the engine start - but, as you probably guessed it - to no avail. Instead of the washer nozzles on the windshield sprinkled water jet and wiper blades have earned, “- said the author.
According to him, the strange behavior of his machine was very surprised, especially in St. Louis, he just went to a meeting with Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek. Two programmers have been told the results of their investigations, which lasted almost a year, and the main purpose was to detect gaps in the information security of a computer system while driving.

Andy Greenberg noted that the work of the two friends was very fruitful, since they were able to intercept the driver’s control of his Jeep Cherokee, putting into question the whole system of safety Jeep.

“Their code - it’s just a nightmare for automakers: software that is supple directed the team of hackers across the media system Jeep, gave programmers complete control over the management: This functionality and access to the instrument panel, controls the wheel, brake, and transmission … all this - with the help of a laptop, which, in fact, can be anywhere in the country “, - the journalist was horrified.

Miller and Valasek, wanting to demonstrate the power of their computer power, have shifted from management of different entertainment systems to joke with the gearbox. Blocking transmission will completely stop the car right on a busy road, then programmers Greenberg locked inside his own car.

22 July 2015

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