UN Security Council did not come to a consensus on the proposal of the Russian statement on Ukraine

UN Security Council members have not reached a consensus on the proposed draft statement of the Russian Federation on the implementation of the Minsk agreements and events in Odessa, May 2, 2014.
The primary responsibility for the deviation of the document Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, put on the US and the UK.

The UN Security Council Thursday held a meeting on the situation in the east of Ukraine. On the eve of the Russia circulated a UN Security Council draft statement, which stresses the need to fulfill the Minsk agreement, and calls to investigate the tragedy in Odessa May 2, 2014.

During the meeting, Churkin said that over the past 24 hours reaction to the proposal received only by the Ukrainian delegation, which called it unacceptable. Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation addressed to the members of the Security Council with a proposal to consider and adopt a common project.

US Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN, Michel Sisson said about the country’s readiness to work on the application, as it will reflect the overall situation in Ukraine, which, according to her, has deteriorated due to the actions of the Russian Federation.

The representative of the United Kingdom noted that, in the statement proposed to the Security Council decision, not noted the status of the convicted in Russia for the murder of Ukrainian journalist Nadezhda Savchenko, as well as the situation in Crimea.

According to Churkin reporters after the meeting, “rather shamelessly Americans and the British did not give to accept a press statement that we offer.” “When Americans are beginning to say,” it is not, it does not have “- it’s funny because there is a set of measures necessary to implement it and they (US - Ed.) Did not participate in the elaboration of a set of measures..”, - Said the permanent representative of the Russian Federation.

“Our American friends, of course, in all its glory at this time showed how many they say.” We want to constructively contribute to the realization “, and when it comes down to it - from them are completely different signals and statements,” - said Churkin.

According to him, the prisoner in the draft call for the implementation of the Minsk agreements “would be extremely relevant,” as well as a statement on the events of the second anniversary of the events in Odessa. He noted that the investigation of the tragedy has not yet been carried out.

“In Odessa around this increases the voltage, there is a message that will be carried out various activities, the city has tightened volunteer battalion” Azov “and other well-known for its rampage in the eastern Ukrainian people”, - said Churkin. He is convinced that the confirmation by the UN Security Council the need for completion of the investigation could calm the situation.

After the coup in Ukraine in 2014. The activists’ antimaydana “in protest against the change of power in the country set up a tent camp on the Kulikovo field in Odessa. Day 2 May 2014 in the area of ​​the Greek area began scuffle between activists “antimaydana” in one hand and the football “ultras” from Kharkov and Odessa, as well as the radicals’ euromaidan “- on the other. Big fight over the destruction of the tent camp and burning of the House of Trade Unions, which had taken refuge representatives “antimaydana”. The victims of the conflict began to 48 people, more than 250 injured.

29 April 2016

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