Experts say the US is ready to make serious concessions to Russia on Syria

NEW YORK, July 2nd. / Corr. Ivan Pil’shchikov TASS /. Washington’s proposal to launch a new military partnership with Moscow on Syria involves concessions to Russia, for which the United States was forced to go.

This is stated in the material posted on the website of the American analytical-research firm Stratfor.
The publication assesses the proposal to deepen military cooperation between the US and Russia in opposing extremists in Syria, which began as reported Thursday the newspaper The Washington Post, Moscow suggested the Obama administration. As Stratfor notes, the agreement, inter alia, would involve “the exchange of information on the aims of Russian forces and joint bombardment group positions” Dzhebhat en-Nusra “(banned in Russia).”

As stated in the material, if it is confirmed the information about the new US and Russian cooperation, “it will be one of the biggest changes the strategy from the beginning of the civil war in Syria.” “The risk of wider clashes with Russia will be significantly reduced, and the insurgency will be weakened, - Stratfor points out -. Most importantly, Moscow will be able to protect its interests in Syria and to escape from the geopolitical isolation.”

Washington has not decided on a “Plan B”

As Stratfor points out, the United States had previously threatened in the event of the failure of the Geneva consultations apply to CAP so-called “Plan B”, involving the supply of weapons to the expansion of forces “moderate opposition”. “The negotiations ultimately resulted in the collapse, however, given that Russia has stepped up military action and strikes by forces supported by the American side of the rebels, the United States decided not to take the” Plan B “- writes Stratfor -. They were afraid to confound the peace process, as well as the possibility of a direct confrontation with Russia. ”

“Made June 27, the proposal is Washington’s attempt to change the current Syrian situation and to avoid further escalation, - emphasizes Stratfor -. The proposal involves a number of concessions to Russia first of these is to cooperate actively with the Russian forces, even to share information about the purposes for. strikes. Moscow has for some time demanded it, as it will stop Russian isolation and make the necessary dialogue with Washington. ”
“US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, reportedly opposed to having to go on that assignment because he feared that in this way the pressure exerted by the US and its allies in the Russian Federation because of the events in Ukraine and elsewhere, gradually weakened “, - says Stratfor.

Damascus will strengthen the position

The publication stresses that in case of realization of the agreement in question, the position of the forces fighting against the government in Damascus, seriously deteriorate. “The agreement also includes the beginning of the American and Russian forces joint bombing positions” Dzhebhat en-Nusra “(banned in Russia), which is a key element with regard to the combat capability of insurgents, - says Stratfor -. And it is also a concession to Russia, which is rigidly US pointed to the fact that much of the rebel forces - is extremist elements “.
According to Stratfor estimates, “jihadists defeat would mean the strengthening of the positions of true government forces in comparison with the rest of the rebels.” “In this situation, the Syrian government is not serious reason to make concessions to the opponents”, - stated in the material.
In the article The Washington Post, which originally appeared information about the new initiative of the US side, said that the text of the proposed agreement was handed over to the Russian authorities on Monday “after several weeks of negotiations and internal debate within the administration.” This, as noted, the publication said a US official.
According to the newspaper, the proposal “was personally approved by President Obama, with the active support of Secretary of State John Kerry.” The publication recognizes that Russia has long offered the United States really coordinate military efforts in Syria.

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