The US is no response to the Russian cruise missiles

The spread of cruise missiles has become a threat to America, the answer to which the Pentagon is not, says researcher of the Center for Strategic and International Studies Tamas Karako article to Business Insider.

“If missile defense is already established as a key element of military capabilities, the search counter cruise missiles is much slower,” - leads edition of the words of a senior researcher of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Thomas Karako.

One of the main distinguishing features of the cruise missiles - flight path. If ballistic missiles fly to the level of the atmosphere, and then fall from a height, the winged fly low, being able to maneuver in flight and accelerated before the last strike phase.

The US missile defense system must adjust to this type of threat, given that the most advanced in the US military adversaries - Russia and China - have long-range missiles, is a real threat to the mainland of America.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff have already raised the priority of defense against cruise missiles that the US military believes greater danger than the ballistic missile attacks, according to the material.

In order to keep track of the time of the launch of a cruise missile, it is necessary to have a platform raised above the surface. If a ballistic missile can easily detect with the help of ground-based radars, the cruise missiles would be required for more complex systems on board, adds Business Insider.

The problem is that if you install such systems on the F-16 bombers or drones, the efficiency provided by the anti-missile defense in this way will be limited to the time that planes can take place in the air and the viewing range. Another way - the installation of radars on the balloon - it seems the experts are too expensive, the article says.

Thomas Karako believes that the threat of strike by cruise missiles need to fix before their actual launch. An integrated approach, according to experts, should include development tools, operating in cyberspace, the development of diplomatic programs of non-proliferation of this type of weapon or, for example, the improvement of existing armed with “Tomahawk” (BGM-109), so that they could attack the surface and mobile launch platforms.

As long as an integrated approach is not developed, the US territory will continue to be extremely vulnerable to the threat posed by cruise missiles, the paper concludes.

11 August 2016

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