Obama wanted to “listen” Skype, Facebook and BlackBerry

Obama administration next year plans to present to Congress a new bill, under which law enforcement agencies will be able to intercept and decode messages from users of internet services including Skype and social networking site Facebook.

Barack Obama’s administration is developing a bill that would facilitate law enforcement agencies to censorship of private correspondence in social networks and tapping into negotiations VoIP-services.
The bill, which must be submitted to the U.S. President to Congress next year, says that all Web services that provide communications services should ensure that the technical possibility of listening and viewing of their users in case of receipt of the order.

The list of web services, access to which they want to get the U.S. government, includes social networks such as Facebook, VoIP-services like Skype, as well as transmitting encrypted messages via e-mail software such as BlackBerry. The bill will include the provision of opportunities to intercept and decrypt messages encrypted by the authorities.

According to law enforcement officers, they want to introduce new rules regarding the operation of the web services, as now, the law enforcement agencies face considerable difficulties in trying to follow the negotiations of suspected terrorists or criminal actions: Increasingly, criminals use phones instead of online services, reports the New York Times.

29 September 2010

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