Banned in Russia for the distortion of the history of the film “Number 44″ fell in worldwide box office

At 50 million budget picture has collected in the world at the end of the weekend starting only 2.1 million dollars.

Earlier, the film was withdrawn from the rental, not only in Russia but also in Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. This was done after the tape looked at the Ministry of Culture of Russia, saying that her story distorts historical facts and gives a “peculiar interpretation of events before, during and after the Great Patriotic War, as well as images and characters of Soviet citizens.”

“No country, and Mordor, with physically and mentally inferior subhuman, a bloody mess in the frame of some orcs and ghouls - that in a country for the film from the 30’s to 50’s of the XX century.

So shows our country - the one that had just won the Great War, broke a world leader and is about to launch the first man in space - shared Russian Culture Minister Vladimir Medina your impressions from watching “44 Rooms”.

- The film is all that is necessary: ​​Stalin gave a “famine” specially for Ukraine and kills 25 thousand people a day; starving children, remembers heroes eat their feeble classmates; prohibited in the USSR to investigate criminal offenses, because “we do not murder, they are only under capitalism”; Soviet soldiers captured marauders with five hours on the wrists. Bloody ghouls with army officers’ epaulettes victorious heroes and stars shoot citizens, neighbors, each other, and especially gay men (!) In the courts, in the streets, in the offices and just passing in front of their children, “to teach a lesson”; intimidated by Soviet women there are given the same Soviet officers out of fear that the failure of their immediately sent, “as made” - the Gulag. “

20 April 2015

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