American boxer Fres Oquendo, challenged Vitali Klitschko

Manager of the American boxer Fres Oquendo Tom Tsatas said that his client is ready to meet in the ring with world champion Release WBC (World Boxing Council), Ukrainian Vitali Klitschko. Tsatas stressed that Oquendo, in his opinion, deserved a duel for the title. It is reported online edition Boxingscene.

According Tsatasa, after a fight with Klitschko on refused Nikolay Valuev, the Ukrainians have to choose between the three boxers - American James Tawney, Cuban Odlanier Solis and Oquendo. Tsatas noted that Solis spent on only 15 professional boxing bouts.

The result of battle with Tawney Oquendo, held in December 2008 and ended in a victory Tawney, Tsatas considered unfair. According to the manager, everyone understands what really won this fight Oquendo.

Tsatas stressed that Oquendo in a fight with Klitschko could express themselves better than any of the last rivals Ukrainians who were Samuel Peter, Juan Carlos Gomez, Chris Arreola and Kevin Johnson.

Klitschko had planned to fight with Valuev May 29, 2010, but negotiations on the organization of the match deadlocked. Promoters Valuev did not work for the fees proposed by the representatives of the Ukrainian boxer.

36-year-old Oquendo had 37 professional boxing bouts. The American scored 32 victories and suffered five defeats. In his last bout in February 2010, Oquendo won by the Americans Demetris King.

1 March 2010

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