Russia kicked out of McDonalds, KFC and Burger King

The State Duma continues to struggle with the networks of American restaurants, where Russians serves fast food. Previously, at the request of deputies CPS has verified the McDonalds, where there was a lot of violations detected, now it is the turn to check KFC and Burger King.

With the request to the chief sanitary doctor of Anna Popova turned deputy from the LDPR faction Roman Khudyakov. He asks supervisory authorities to check the quality of food in restaurant chains KFC and Burger King. “Claimed by me to have significant representation in Russia, and citizens should be informed what quality food they’re buying,” - said the deputy “Izvestia”.

The charges stemmed from the results of a test Rospotrebnadzora restaurants McDonalds. It became known yesterday that the sanitary doctors appealed to the court to deprive a popular American restaurant right in the implementation of a number of Russian food. Note that to sanitary doctors joined Rosselhoznadzor which experts on the audit found that the quality of cheese at McDonalds does not conform, moreover, in the preparation of food cooks used antibiotics.

With the outcome of the verification Rospotrebnadzora agreed nutritionists. “The combination of products that are used in fast food, do not promote normal digestion. According to the content of vitamins and minerals, food is empty, that is, to use it simply puts the stomach” - says dietician Angelica Duval.

According to doctors, the food of fast food, and more richly flavored carbonated water, can lead to serious health problems: diabetes, gastritis, gastric ulcer, disrupts normal digestion. In addition, there may be problems with the gallbladder and pancreas, and liver, and intestines. Especially fast food is bad for children because growing organism vital dairy products, vegetables and fruit, which is almost unchanged menu networks simply do not.

American doctors have gone even further and were able to prove that fast food is dangerous for the human central nervous system and can cause damage to the structure of the brain.

30 July 2014

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