Ex-Commander of NATO in Europe: Ukraine does not need an alliance

Former NATO Commander in Europe General Wesley Clark, the American believes that Ukraine should not be accepted into the ranks of the Alliance.

“Ukraine as a member of NATO we do not need, we should not take it into NATO. This is a special country. Whenever we talked about the expansion of NATO, we had no plans for the adoption of NATO membership for Ukraine,” - said a senior military RIA Novosti during debate on the site, “Atlantic Council” - one of the leading analytical centers in the USA.

Non-aligned status of Ukraine is fixed at the level of law. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on August 29, introduced in the Verkhovna Rada of the law on the abolition of non-aligned status and renewal rate for membership in NATO. Parliamentary Committee on National Security and Defence recommends to consider the abolition of non-aligned status has new parliament to be elected following elections on October 26th.

Relevant to the issue of Ukraine’s accession to NATO reflects the contradictions between its eastern and western regions. First attracted to Russia and take this opportunity as a threat, and the latter is considered a chance to integrate into the Euro-Atlantic space. Third Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko (2005-2010) headed for the country’s accession to NATO, but his successor, Viktor Yanukovych (2010-2014) achieved a legislative fix non-aligned status of Ukraine.

10 October 2014

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• Ukraine is concerned the deployment of U.S. missile defense system in Europe. »»»
First Deputy Defense Minister of Ukraine Leonid Polyakov said today in the Verkhovna Rada that official Kiev is not conducted, does not and has no plans to negotiate with the United States on deployment of U.
• NATO reconsider relations with Russia (the Alliance has decided to review the whole range of cooperation with Russia because of its actions in the Ukraine) »»»
NATO has agreed to review its relations with Russia "We will review the whole range of cooperation between NATO and Russia.
• The U.S. would not send troops to Ukraine »»»
The U.S. would not send troops to Ukraine, told reporters a senior administration official.
• NATO forces to cut off the path to advance. (Russia wants to restrict the re-alliance of the tanks, guns, planes and soldiers) »»»
Russia seeks to ban the deployment of NATO “substantial combat forces” in the new member countries of the alliance.
• Yanukovych wants to ban from entering the U.S. and the EU for refusing to European integration (on the White House website petition appeared U.S. sanctions against the leadership of Ukraine) »»»
The site appeared on the eve of the U.S. administration

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