Intercept: Chapter “US Institute of Peace” War is profitable for Ukraine

“The US Institute of Peace” - a state-funded institution, which aims - to promote world peace through “non-violent resolution of conflicts,” writes journalist Intercept Li Fang. However, Stephen Hadley, Chairman of the Institute - “unforgiving hawk” whose speech in favor of more active use of military intervention is often associated with the interests of the company Raytheon. This major provider of US defense “generously pays” Headley, who is a member of the board of directors of the company.

When President George W. Bush Jr., he served as national security adviser and in 2003 played for the invasion of Iraq, and later called for the application of mass air strikes on Syria, and the last time he was in favor of “escalation of the conflict in Ukraine,” the article says.

Speaking in Poland in June, Hadley called for sending weapons to Ukraine. In part, it explained in the article, it was due to a desire to “make Russia more expensive to pay for what she’s doing in the Ukraine.” In particular, Stephen Hadley, said: “Even President Putin is sensitive to body bags - it sounds rude, but that’s the truth - we are talking about the bags with the corpses of dead Russian soldiers.”

Call flood Ukraine arms not only in sharp contrast with the stated purpose “of the American Institute for Peace”, but, as many experts believe, can provoke an aggravation of the conflict.
According to Harvard professor Stephen Walt, adopted in Ukraine - it’s a bad idea. This step is only “exacerbate and prolong the fighting and lead to more casualties among the Ukrainians.”
And Kevin Connor, director of monitoring group “Initiative of public accountability,” criticized the work on the Hadley Raytheon and made for a former adviser to George W. Bush resigned as head of the institute.

“If the” American Institute of the World “- this is just absurd oruelliansky then Heddli just suited for the post of chairman. If the institute wants to show that it is not, care Hadley or his removal from office would be a step in the right direction”, - Connor stressed.

However, the newspaper notes Intercept, this is not the first time that this institution serves as a platform for the bellicose foreign policy. Robert Turner, the first head of the institute and an appointee of Ronald Reagan, at the time expressed support for the Nicaraguan “death squads, known as the Contras.”

At the conclusion of the publication Intercept notes that for companies such as Raytheon, instability in the world only at hand. Thus, the conflict in Ukraine has led to the fact that the costs of the region’s defense rose that seriously increased the revenues of the company. Raytheon’s chief financial officer, said recently in an interview with Wall Street Journal, that his company’s revenues are growing due to the fact that European governments increase their defense budgets because of “tensions between Russia and Ukraine.”

3 August 2015

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