The Pentagon has spent $ 150 million to ensure the luxury villas for their employees in Afghanistan

The Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction John Sopko sent to the US defense ministry a letter asking to clarify what went $ 150 million allocated to small units, which was engaged in the restoration of the economic infrastructure of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sopko said in his letter that does not quite understand what benefit the United States got off work units, which spends huge sums on luxury villas, lunch and protection. The Inspector believes that the waste can be substantially reduced if people living units on military bases, the remaining employees of the US Army, according to the English-language site RT.

4 December 2015

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• Only after 5 years will know whether the United States have achieved success in Iraq »»»
Only five or ten years it will be possible to say how successful the U.
• The Pentagon can not find the 8.7 billion dollars allocated for Iraq »»»
The Pentagon can not find the 8.7 billion dollars of which were to go to the reconstruction of Iraq, writes The Los Angeles Times, based on data recently released audit.
• Google employees get free domestic worker »»»
As reported by Valleywag, the site of employment of performers
• British Petroleum will give bonuses to employees for safety »»»
Bonuses BP employees will depend on the results of the company’s risk management and building security systems, Financial Times quoted the words of Bob Dudley, director of the company.

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