Germany: shame be a banana republic

Germany - Land of advanced Western democracy, and the media here long run system, beating in unison step team of senior political Cpl. Therefore, the transfer under the name “Banana Republic?” program Frontal 21 German federal channel ZDF has become very uncommon on the background of universal service unanimity German media.

Editors program received from an anonymous sender materials, which pushed them to investigative journalism. Reveal the mechanism of the secret organization of the Americans and the total control of all communication systems in Germany. From the materials indicated that Germany is fully dependent banana republic, not unlike many other vassals of the USA.

In the period of 2011-2012. German Foreign Ministry issued 111 US firms licensed to conduct intelligence operations against the United States. Outwardly, it looks quite respectable. Firms listed as commercial organizations, but they are not engaged in the usual business. So, they are allowed to conduct “analytical work in contact with the American forces in Germany.” Suffice it to say that among these firms appears Booz Allen Hamilton, where he worked previously Edward Snowden, representing the interests of the NSA there.

This company, contractors, located in the territory of the US military bases in Germany. They connect to the German system of communication and engage interception of data from all types of information flows. Firms control social networks, email, and electronic telephone in West Germany and abroad, and then pass the resulting filtered information to the NSA.

The scope of the activities of these firms indicates their total annual budget - 70 billion. Dollars.

What information interests of American spies in Germany?

For example, a California firm Leonie Industries LLC, working on the basis of the “Africa-commando” in Stuttgart, takes part in the “Prism”, the details of which told E.Snouden. This program identifies the “enemies of America” ​​in dozens of settings no matter where they live and what position.

Firm NETZWERK ANALYTIKER identifies terrorism suspects around the white light, including in the same Germany. Approximately the same deal, and the rest.

About any legal regulation of work of these firms is silence. They freely filtered all information flow through the German communications networks.

Law professor from Bremen Andreas Fischer-Lescano said that such activity is contrary to international law and the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany and the federal government, allowing it responsible for it. “It is a scandal that such” analysts “collect data to identify the” target person “. This information can serve as a basis for targeted killings. This is clearly a violation of international law,” - said the professor.

Representatives from the US Army in Germany bypassed scandal broke silence. When journalists Frontal 21 tried to interview ………

10 November 2014

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