US helicopters bombed the Afghan army checkpoint

Two US helicopters mistakenly attacked the Afghan army checkpoint. According to “Al-Arabiya”, killing 14 soldiers, PPC completely burned.

The incident occurred in the province of Logar, much of which is under Taliban control. However, Barak Barak district, which houses the checkpoint is considered safe. As told by the survivors, at the time of the attack was excellent visibility, and the fortifications of the Afghan flag was waved.

US military authorities have declined to comment. They said only that “aware of an incident involving US soldiers in Logar province,” and reported that they are investigating.

This is not the first time that US helicopters strike at the Allies in Logar. In March of 2014 in an airstrike on a checkpoint killed five Afghan soldiers, eight were injured. In December of the same year, the US Air Force helicopters mistakenly attacked a group of civilians in the area of ​​Baraki-Barak, while five people were killed and six injured.

Afghanistan is ten thousand US troops and three thousand soldiers of NATO countries. By the end of 2015 should remain in the country five thousand American troops by the end of 2016 the country will go all foreign operations.

The US and its allies in Afghanistan since 2001 fighting against the movement “Taliban”, to seek the expulsion of foreign troops from its territory. The victims of this war, tens of thousands of Afghans and several thousand soldiers and officers of the coalition forces.

20 July 2015

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